Recovery and Reuse of Valuable Explosive Components from Plastic Bonded Explosives

Period of Performance: 07/28/1999 - 04/29/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Gradient Technology
2500 Shadywood Road
Navarre, MN 55331
Principal Investigator


Gradient Technology proposes to continue to develop its cost effective environmentally friendly process for recycling plastic bonded explosives. This project will test explosive particle compatibility with Gradient's plastic bonded explosive recovery process. A laboratory scale demonstration of the recovery process will be performed with real plastic bonded explosive. The proposed resource recovery and reuse process recovers all components of plastic bonded explosives. The valuable explosive components are recovered for reuse and the plastic binder is converted to polyurethane monomer precursors for resale to polyurethane monomer manufacturers. Gradient Technology has demonstrated that polyurethane coatings can be removed from surrogate particles in an artificial plastic bonded explosive.