Superconducting and Cryogenic Stators for Lightweight Cryogenic Generators

Period of Performance: 05/11/1999 - 11/10/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Heston Consulting Co., Inc.
430 Lebanon Road
West Mifflin, PA 15122
Principal Investigator


There is an emerging class of post cold war airborne and groundbased military weapons and surveillance systems that will require unprecedented amounts of electrical power. Unless high power electrical generators are developed that weigh no more than one fifth as much as the lightest available generators, these systems will not be possible. While superconducting generator technology has always promised very lightweight generators, these devices have been too unreliable for military applications. Many of the design problems were caused by using cryogenic rotors with warm (non-cryogenic) stators. Reliable cryogenic generators must use cryogenic stators and cryogenic rotors. Advances in high temperature superconductors (and other cryogenic conductors) may finally allow us to build practical cryogenic generators. This proposed SBIR program will design two one-megawatt cryogenic stators, using state-of-the-art conductor and cooling technology. One stator will be designed for low voltage missions (50-200 volts) and the other will be designed for high voltage missions (10,000-20,000 volts). The two interchangeable cryogenic stators will be designed to mate with a one-megawat HTS cryogenic rotor (being built by Heston Consulting in another BMDO SBIR program) to produce a complete cryogenic generator that is light, inexpensive and reliable enough for military applications.