Frozen Platelets

Period of Performance: 10/14/1998 - 08/15/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Mission Medical, Inc.
Oakland, CA 94602
Principal Investigator


The long-term objectives of this research are the development for widespread use of closed, sterile, inexpensive disposable sets and their automated control systems for rapidly thawing and washing frozen platelets. The benefits in health care are a greatly extended storage time for frozen platelets compared to room temperature storage; a major reduction in the risks and incidence of bacterial growth in stored platelets; the removal of toxic cryoprotectants; a decrease in platelet damage during storage; the decrease in outdating during storage; and the improved logistics of platelet collection and administration. The use of unique hollow fiber counterflow fluid exchangers and automated control systems provide the potential for substantial technological innovation and low costs. The proposed research will evaluate the feasibility of this technical approach by the fabrication and testing of disposable sets actuated by automatic programmable control systems. In vitro testing with human platelets will permit comparisons between the proposed new methods, devices, and solutions and those reported in the literature or used currently.