Decision, Material Selection and Life Prediction Software for Ceramic Matrix Composite Components

Period of Performance: 12/07/1998 - 06/07/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Research Applications, Inc.
11772 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 260
San Diego, CA 92121
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Innovative research and development leading to a dual-use advanced technology product is proposed. The product is a methodology and software for design and life prediction of ceramic matrix composite (CMC) engine components. The primary focus is on a Nicalon/SiC composite, which is the prime candidate material for JTAGG III combustor liners. But the software and methodology win be applicable to a much broader class of CMCs for military and commercial applications. The product is of direct and immediate use to AlliedSignal Engines, Pratt ~ Whitney and other IHPIET Prime Contractors for design and development cost and risk reduction. Additionally, the product will be highly marketable to commercial jet engine, space propulsion systems, and industrial gas turbine manufacturers. Phase I win involve the development and validation of crucial modeling techniques for predicting the initiation and growth of relevant damage mechanisms. Full advantage will be taken of recent test data as wed as modeling techniques developed under various DoD and NASA programs. Additionally, RAI will work closely with AlliedSignal Engines to ensure that the proposed research and development and the product are directly relevant to JTAGG m. The Phase I innovative research effort will focus on developing and validating mechanism based (mechanistic) modeling methods to describe CMC response under general stress states and load conditions, and thermal and environmental conditions of interest in JTAGG m. The development of a mechanistic modeling approach is a necessary pre-requisite to developing a marketable product in Phase II. BENEFITS: Due to the proliferation in potential applications of ceramic matrix composites in military and commercial aerospace and in industrial gas turbine industries, the proposed dual-use high technology product has an immediate and expanding market. RAI will market the software to these and other industries which will directly benefit by design and development cost reduction and risk reduction.