Navigation/Electro-optic Sensor Integration Technology (NEOSIT)

Period of Performance: 12/18/1998 - 06/18/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Navsys Corp.
14960 Woodcarver Road Array
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Under this Phase I contract NAVSYS Will develop a baseline system architecture for a Navigation/Electro-optic Sensor Integration Technology (NEOSIT) applique. This applique will be designed to optimally integrate navigation data, sensor imagery and image or terrain database to estimate and correct for errors in each data source. This effort will leverage NAVSYS existing GI-Eve and GI-View products which arc designed to integrate GPS, inertial and sensor imagery to apple feature updates to estimate errors in the inertial solution calibrate for sensor errors and estimate target locations. Tic proposed NEOSIT solution will implement these capabilities and Will also include the capability to calibrate for offsets between different image and terrain geospatially referenced databases. Thc architecture will leverage COTS image processing and image understanding software tools to lead to a real-time system for correlation of onboard platform visual and navigation systems With imagery and terrain databases in Phase II. Thc final delivery of this Phase I effort will be a system specification, a description of the proposed system, architecture and a concept of operations. Under the Phase I option a demonstration will be performed with NAVSYS GI-Eye system using feature updates to best approximate platform position in the absence of GPS updates. BENEFITS: ThE proposed systemm will have application for sensor fusion across different platforms and data sources and Will also provide a back-up navigation capability in the absence of GPS. Military applications include battlefield data management and navigation for MOUT and UGVs. Commercial applications include GIS data manipulation and robotic navigation.