Embedded Physiologic Sensors for Ambulatory Monitoring

Period of Performance: 12/18/1998 - 06/18/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Point Research Corp.
2740 S. Harbor Blvd., Suite B
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


We propose to develop physiologic sensing capabilities that make use of existing equipment already available in soldier systems such as Land Warrior. By maximizing the functionality of existing sensors to serve multiple purposes, we can approach the goals of zero power, zero weight and zero size. Some of these measurements are indirect indications of parameters that are traditionally measured by dedicated transducers. Additional dedicated sensors can also be added as required that are embedded in the soldier's equipment. Both the indirect sensors and optional dedicated sensors can be interfaced with wireless personal networks. During Phase I we will conduct validation experiments for the indirect sensing capabilities. The Phase I Option work will include verification that existing sensing technologies can be embedded in the soldier's equipment to provide a wear and forget, unobtrusive system. BENEFITS: Remote physiologic monitoring in hazardous environment enhances the survival of personnel and permits remote force management. Applicable users include military personnel, law enforcement, fire fighting, search & rescue and hospital outpatients.