Precision Placement of Thin Polymeric Silicone Films within Fabrics

Period of Performance: 12/18/1998 - 06/18/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Nextec Applications, Inc.
2611 Commerce Way
Vista, CA 92083
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Nextec's patented technology allows for the precision placement of thin polymeric films around fibers, and crossover points, while filling in or leaving open interstitial spaces within fabrics. The choice of silicone, substrate and placement of polymer allows for addition/improvement of certain properties. In the apparel market the benefits of this process are delivered with a minimal impact on fabric tactile properties. Properties that can be influenced include but are not limited to breathable barrier performance; controlled porosity; water, wind, tear and abrasion resistance; adhesion/release behavior, and durability of properties to wash. Protective gear has been prepared that is lighter and has better barrier than standard commercial material. This technology has found applications including apparel, automotive, aerospace, and medical. The benefits in these applications are delivered in a process that has no volatile organic compounds and yields inert residual materials. This proposed program will identify specific military fabrics that have potential for improvements from treatment using Nextec's technology. The proposed work will include investigation of the influence of materials and process parameters and optimization of these parameters against the desired property combinations. The results will indicate the suitability of Nextec's technology for treating military fabrics. BENEFITS: Commercial applications include outerwear; mechanical rubber goods particularly hoses, ducts, and seals; protective gear including reusable surgical garment and other protective gear; tent materials; as well as thermal transfer media. Potential benefits include decreased weight and bulk; reduced operations and support costs, improved comfort, improved barrier, multifunctional capabilities, protective properties & adhesion/release.