Advanced Read-Out Integrated Circuit for Quantum wel Infrared Photodetector Array

Period of Performance: 12/18/1998 - 08/09/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Indigo Systems Corp.
5385 Hollister Ave #103
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


The goals of this program are to design, fabricate and test a readout integrated circuit (ROIC) specifically designed for use with Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) arrays and to incorporate the advanced signal processing requirements needed for Third Generation FLIRs. QWIP photodetector arrays are fabricated from large bandgap materials (GaAs/AIGaAs) which are easily grown and processed to produce large uniform focal plane arrays tuned to detect light at wavelengths from 6 to 25 run. In Phase 1 the preliminary design and modeling will be completed for a ROIC designed specifically to take advantage of the attributes of QWIP detectors and to meet the needs of Third Generation FLIRs. For QWIP arrays to compete with other detector materials like HgCdTe, they require special readout interface features such as the ability to provide a large detector bias voltage, large integrated signal capacity, and the ability to remove the inherent dark current to increase dynamic range. The Third generation FLIR requirements also advance the capabilities of readout IC designs by incorporating signal processing features on the focal plane array. These include nonuniformity correction, analog to digital conversion, and other signal processing functions as edge enhancement, clutter rejection, motion detection, and target detection. In Phase IL the advanced readout IC will be fabricated, tested, and prototype QWIP focal plane arrays will be demonstrated. BENEFITS: Commercial, low cost, high performance, large format QWIP focal plane arrays and systems built around these IR sensors will find many applications in manufacturing industries, law enforcement, medical, environmental and agricultural.