Hybrid Propulsion Vehicle Power Conditioning Packaging

Period of Performance: 12/18/1998 - 06/18/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

IJ Research, Inc.
1965 Blair Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


IJ Research, Inc. proposes to develop a high temperature integrated power packaging system for Hybrid Electric Drive Propulsion Systems. It includes a hybrid MCM package housing a 6-switch bridge IGBT inverter and a integrated low-cost microchannel heat sink into the package body. Advanced ceramics and composites are selected for the packaging system for the miniaturization, weight and cost saving. The proposed microchannel heat sink uses water ethylene glycol coolant such that the existing engine cooling system on the vehicle can be utilized to provide the coolant circulation. This integrated design is aimed to save the weight and volume of this packaging system to the maximum extent to meet the current Future Combat System requirements. The cost of the proposed microchannel heat sink is estimated to be a very small fraction of the LLNL microgroove heat sinks based on the selected material and fabrication technique. The thermal resistance of the heat sink will be at the level of 0.02 degrees Celsius/(W/cm2). The dual purpose design enables this packaging system to be used both for the silicon devices at the power rating of 750 hp 3-phase AC and for the future SiC devices at 1500 hp and hither. BENEFITS: Power conditioning packaging systems based on this proposal could be used in civilian and military electric drive vehicles. A series of derivatives of this packaging system could be used in a large number of electric motor controls. High interest on this technology has been drawn from power electronic manufacturers. Rapid commercialization of this technology is extremely likely.