Efficient Digitization of Nuclear Fireball Film

Period of Performance: 07/17/1998 - 01/17/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Carpenter Research Corp.
P.O. BOX 2490, SUITE 263, 27520 HAWTHORNE BLVD.
Rolling Hills Est, CA 90274
Principal Investigator


The objectives of the proposed work are to develop the technical feasibility and detailed requirements for new methods and technology to decrease, substantially, the cost and time required to digitize and store high-speed, high-resolution film without sacrificing the spatial and grayscale depth of the original film. The work will be aimed at improvements that would make it practical to digitize and archive the entire U.S. nuclear fireball technical film database. Successful Phase I and Phase II efforts would culminate in the implementation of the developed technology into the DSWA DARE Data Engineering process. The results of this research could be of great value to the commercial film digitization and processing industry, in support of entertainment motion pictures, advertising, data archiving, and other film applications.