ROPER: Remotely Operated Personnel Engagement and Retrieval

Period of Performance: 12/18/1998 - 06/17/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Transdimension International Corp.
3637 Canyon Crest Drive J100
Riverside, CA 92507
Principal Investigator


This project addresses the important problem of casualty retrieval in the battlefield that minimizes the danger of exposing the rescue team to enemy fire. We propose to develop a multiple-use casualty retrieval device for ground forces capable of: being deployed towards the wounded from a safe location/distance of up to 25 m; reliably engaging the wounded for retrieval; and retrieving the wounded and his/her load bearing equipment (up to 120 kg). The system we propose is referred to as ROPER: Remotely Operated Personnel Engagement Retrieval. The innovative ROPER concept promises to meet all the requirements for battlefield casualty retrial. Its advantages are: Safety to the rescue team; Reliability of retrieval; simplicity of the mechanism, and Multi-usability. The three ROPER components, will all have additional military utilities.