Very Low Cost Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging

Period of Performance: 04/14/1998 - 01/14/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

JJW Consulting, Inc.
1500 New Horizons Blvd.
North Amityvile, NY 11701
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


The JJW/AIL System, Inc. team has proposed three MMW receiver architectures that result in a very low cost imagining system by utilizing wafer scale MMIC mixers and amplifiers. The first approach uses direct detection. A 95 Ghz Image Intensifier and a special bolometric FPA obtain passive images at 94 Ghz and in the IR spectral region (8-12 mm). The image intensifier uses an amplifier array with a gain of only 26.8 dB as compared to 40 dB required on existing systems. The bolometric array is fabricated via low cost thin film processes. The second approach uses a single quasi-optically injected LO on an array of Schottky mixers and IF amplifiers. The mixer array and IF amplifier array are fabricated using MMIC technology. The single LO greatly reduces the cost of the heterodyne receiver array. The third receiver employs a CW illuminator and the special bolometric FPA to enhance the image scene at 94 Ghz. This system is capable of both MMW and IR imaging. All three approaches provide greater than 10 x 15 degree FOR at 16msec frame rates and a NETD of 1K or less. The proposed Imaging Systems will cost about $10,000 in production quantities.