Affordable Composite Matrix Composites (CMCs)

Period of Performance: 05/01/1998 - 02/01/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Composite Optics, Inc.
9616 Distribution Ave.
San Diego, CA 92121
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Ceramic matrix composites are an emerging class of materials that hold great promise in high temperature environments. To date, however, affordable CMC materials that can withstand long-term exposure to 1200 degree C. simply do not exist. Composite Optics Inc. proposes the development of a microporous oxide matrix that can be combined with commercially available fibers to produce a damage tolerant ceramic matrix composite that remains stable long term at 1200 degrees C. COI has demonstrated the ability to produce low cost CMC's with excellent strength and toughness characteristics that are stable long term at 1100 degrees C. This class of microporous oxide matrix composites meet the requirements of variety of hot structural environments from combustion chamber liners, to insulation structures, to nozzle and nose cap structures. Extending the long term temperature capability of this type of system will provide a low cost alternative for applications now dependent on carbon-carbon or the costly materials that require elaborate and costly coating processes and material fabrication processes.