All-fiber Ultra-High-Speed Add-Drop Multiplexer for Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed Photonic Networks

Period of Performance: 05/13/1998 - 11/12/1998


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corp.
2363 Calle Del Mundo Array
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Principal Investigator


Drop Multiplexers are crucial for advanced multi-wavelength optical communication and sensor systems. IFOS has a new approach for in-line, all-fiber, compact, low-cost Add-Drop-Multiplexers (ADMs) for selecting, adding, dropping and ultra-high-speed switching of wavelength channels in such systems. This proprietary four-port ADM design is based on a novel combination of leading-edge technologies: (1) special wavelength-selective field access fiber substrates utilizing side-removed fibers containing gratings and (2) an active-optical-polymer thin films. The gratings provide wavelength selectivity. The polymer provides grating wavelength tuning and wavelength channel switching. The side-removed-fiber couples grating and polymer to the system' s main fiber bus with low insertion loss. With a strong multi-disciplinary team, our Phase I objectives are to: (1) model and optimize the IFOS ADM design including electrode geometry, (2) fabricate the fiber substrates, (3) deposit and pole polymer thin-film variable-index overlays, (4) construct and test active 4-port ADMs employing controlled inter-fiber coupling. First generation IFOS ADMs will enable optical network signal selection/routing with minimal local optical power.