Multi-Body Dynamic Two Dimensional Contact Analysis Tool for Transmission Design

Period of Performance: 12/14/1998 - 08/09/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Advanced Numerical Solutions
3554 Mark Twain Court
Hilliard, OH 43026
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Advanced Numerical solutions has built a 2D multi-body dynamic contact analysis code capable of simultaneously modeling multiple gear meshes in transmissions. It uses many innovations to make this possible. A specially developed hierarchical solver is used to carry out implicit time integration in under 2- seconds per step for a model with 50,000 degrees for freedom. An efficient contact solver is used to solve the contact problem with multiple rigid body modes and friction in a fixed number of iterations. A special purpose programming language has been implemented to allow maximum flexibility in building complex transmission models. Preliminary tests on 2D model of a planetary system have shown that this computer program has sufficient speed to make dynamic analysis practical. It is now possible to predict vibration levels with sufficient precision to resolve the effects of tooth surface modifications. Bearing stiffness, rim geometry and other design considerations. The objective here is to verify the accuracy of the predictions made by the code. Comparisons with other methods like the boundary element method will be made. Noise and vibration comparisons will be made with experimental results available in the open literature.BENEFITS: The multi-body contract analysis tool will enable designers to improve predictions of noise and stress levels in complex geared transmissions.