Coastal Zone Hyperspectral Sensor for Robotic Aircraft Environmental Monitors

Period of Performance: 02/01/1995 - 01/31/1996


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Medeco CO.
89 Arundel Place
Clayton, MO 63105
Principal Investigator


We propose the definition and development of a low cost, highly compact coastal zone hyperspectral imager, the Sea-DASI, for quantitative, few meter resolution remote sensing of the ocean coastal zone via robotic( high altitude) or light aircraft. The instrument is based on a Digital Array Scanned Interferometer(DASI) invented and patented by the PI. Sea-DASI will Observe in the-visible-near infrared at high SIN, has no moving parts, and can function efficiently as an hyperspectral imager over a very broad wavelength range at high spatial resolution. Sea-DASI is a highly stable instrument, well suited to field operation. Its characteristics for coastal zone robotic aircraft remote sensing applications are: *High SIN hyperspectral imaging at high spatial resolution. *Stable, no-moving parts, flexible operation. *Low power and weight requirements. *High detection efficiency for low level fluorescent species. *'Insensitivity to stray light and environmental variables such as temperature, vibration or pressure.