Low cost photoreceiver for high range resolution range finder

Period of Performance: 12/15/2005 - 06/15/2006


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Epitaxial Technologies, LLC
1450 South Roling Road
Baltimore, MD 21227
Principal Investigator


The goal of this Phase I SBIR project is to develop and optimize a nanowatt range finder photoreceiver incorporating a novel 1.54-um monolithically integrated, optically preamplified photoreceiver, capable of 90% probability of detection at pulse-widths as small as 2 nsec. In Phase I, we will perform initial photoreceiver development and determine the best photoreceiver architecture to achieve the best sensitivity. We will also initiate the design of the photoreceiver and establish its feasibility by showing that it will be capable of 1.2 nW sensitivity with 90% probability of detection at 2 nsec pulse-lengths. In an array configuration, the photoreceiver will also be capable of simultaneously measuring distances in different directions without any moving parts for 3-D mapping. During Phase II we will design, fabricate and test monolithic receivers using either optically preamplified PINs or APDs integrated with TIAs, OOK circuits and discriminators to generate digital readouts at 500 MHz bandwidth. At the end of the Phase II, we will demonstrate optically preamplified ultra-sensitive photoreceivers operating at room temperatures and 1540 nm wavelength, having detection probability of 90% for single and multiple 2 nsec pulsewidth signals.