A New Breed of Lightweight Tactical Power AC Generators Utilizing Advanced High Frequency Alternator Power Frequency Conversion (HFA-PFC) Technologie

Period of Performance: 03/15/1995 - 09/15/1995


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Interscience, Inc.
105 Jordan Road
Troy, NY 12180
Principal Investigator


Tactical power generator sets for producing MIL-STD frequencies are limited in terms of mobility, deployability, and performance flexibility due to their size/weight and rigid architectures. the conventional approach to generating 60 Hz, 120 VAC is particularly limited due to the constraints on engine rpm and the number of poles in the alternators that can be used. While the Army has long recognized the excellent potential to reduce dry weight and improve fuel conversion efficiency by scaling up to high engine speeds and alternator frequencies, the stumbling block has been in the development and skillful implementation of Power Frequency Conversion (PFC) systems that do not significantly offset the potential advantages. A program to develop a new generation of tactical power generator systems using the HFA-PFC approach is proposed. The proposed effort is highly leveraged against ongoing research being carried out by the proposing firm under the auspices of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). Under this effort, the Principal Investigator has demonstrated a 500 Watt, 1 lb permanent magnet HFA that scales readily to tens of kilowatts. For the proposed effort, InterScience, Inc. shall develop system integration strategies to combine advanced engines, high frequency alternators, and power conversion topologies, devices, and control algorithms. A sub-scale prototype HFA-PFC to be delivered as part of the Phase I Option Task shall lay the groundwork for full-scale development in Phase II and follow-on commercialization that will reduce the cost for military procurement.