MSF Laser Protective Material

Period of Performance: 05/08/1995 - 11/08/1995


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Polatomic, Inc.
1810 N. Glenville Dr. Suite 116
Richardson, TX 75081
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


A new laser protective material for protection from battlefield lasers is proposed. The material utilizes novel polarizing metal spheroid film (MSF) coatings which function as wavelenght-tuned polarizers in the spectral band from 400 nm to 2200 nm. Each MSF coating can be disigned to place the peak absorption at specific laser wavelengths in this band while maintaining normal transmission at longer and shorter wavelenghts. A filter for laser line blocking is formed by crossed polarizer layers, thus producing high optical density at the wavelength of laser light and transparency in other parts of the spectral band. Multiple tuned MSF layers form cutoff filters for multiple laser lines. MSF polarizing coatings will also be developed for active optical switches, tunable filters and passive optical limiters for protection against fixed wavelength and wavelength agile lasers. The MSF coatings block specific laser wavelengths yet provides for normal vision when the shutter is closed. The proprietary MSF polarizing coating process was developed for NASA and the National Science Foundation by Polatomic. The Phase I Technical Effort will include design, fabrication and characterization of wavelength tuned MSF coatings in partnership with Caltech-JPL. In Phase I we will design and demonstrate laser protective material and investigate applications for dynamic laser protective eyewear, windows and shutters. A Phase II Process Development Plan for fabricating and demonstrating the MSF material in rapid-response laser protective devices will be prepared.