Affordable High Performance Airframe Concepts

Period of Performance: 05/24/1994 - 12/31/1994


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Techniweave, Inc.
P.O. Box 6314
Rochester, NH 03868
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


A unique textile process has been developed by Techniweave that employs multi-directional weaving. The process has been adapted to the fabrication of complex confirgurations that are potentially applicable as composite fittings in several areas within future aircraft designs. Lockheed Aircraft Company is the developer and manufacturer of the Air Force's F-22 Fighter Aircraft. There is interest in the development of innovative concepts for application of techniweave's 3-D woven insert to bulkhead structures on the F-22. A moderately loaded bulkhead structure from the F-22 center fuselage has been suggested for use in t demonstration program. There are several advantages of an integrated stucture utilizign an innovative 3-D fitting design. The development of an appropriate preform that can be produced through autoation and can be Resin Transfer Molded with a 350 F epoxy resin system has the potential of an afforable high performance airframe concept. Various insert designs need to considered in terms of afaptability to the F-22 bulkhead and potential for meeting loading and fatigue requriements. It is proposed to fabricate two selected concepts in an insert design including a cruciform configuration.