Low Profile Ultra Thin Anti Tamper Sensor

Period of Performance: 04/05/2006 - 04/05/2007


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Irvine Sensors Corp.
3001 Red Hill Avenue, B3-108 Array
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Principal Investigator


Protection of Critical Technologies (CT) requires Anti-Tamper (AT) techniques to protect, detect and react to reverse engineering attacks. The objective of this program is to develop a multi-mode, low profile tamper detection sensor capable of detecting a wide range of tamper events while remaining difficult to identify or disable by a reverse engineer. ISC's miniaturization packaging is a technology enabler for "low profile" integrated sensors. This effort will study manufacturing materials and processes to embed COTS components using Irvine Sensors unique technology tool set for this application. The program will focus on the manufacturability to integrate certain types of sensors and meets the manufacturing related SBIR priority status under Executive Order 13329. The ISC team will investigate various techniques of reverse engineering, determine the optimum sensor requirements, design a low profile sensor concept and report on measures of effectiveness based on a wide range of commonly expected tamper events. A plan to verify AT implementation through the ISC's process flow and additional system level procedures will be analyzed. This study will lead to an "advanced development" of hardware for hardware-in-the-loop testing in a potential phase II program.