Hybrid Sailor performance and training

Period of Performance: 02/14/2006 - 01/31/2008


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

JOB Performance Systems, Inc.
1240 N. Pitt St,
Alexandria, VA 22314
Principal Investigator


We offer a strategy to define the work and worker characteristics of the new Hybrid Sailor for a new class of ship the Navy is developing to meet demands of the global war on terrorism and unanticipated threats. Due to technology and reduced manning, the work for any particular rating will likely be different from ships of similar size and mission. Therefore, we propose to develop proof of concept for a selection system to recruit and select sailors into this new class. In Phase I we will conduct a futuristic job analysis which will include conducting interviews, focus groups and surveys to identify the SkillObjects (work tasks and related knowledges, skills, abilities and tools). Then tasks will be apportioned among the new "ratings" on the ship and aptitude standards developed for one Hybrid Sailor rating; we anticipate that stress management will be at least one of the important aptitudes. The final step will be to develop a plan to select, administer and validate a selection system for the Hybrid Sailor. In Phase II we propose to develop and validate a prototype test and in Phase III we will expand the process to all other Hybrid Sailors.