Obsolescence Management Decision Making and Planning Tool

Period of Performance: 02/22/2006 - 08/21/2006


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Assett, Inc.
11220 ASSETT Loop Array
Manassas, VA 20109
Principal Investigator


The pace of technology advancements with corresponding products applicable to a wide variety of uses necessitates the incorporation of systemic technology related planning. This SBIR will demonstrate an approach that provides solution alternatives and supporting quantitative analysis capabilities for decision making and planning to support truly proactive obsolescence management. ASSETT Inc. proposes to combine its technology refresh planning methodology, currently implemented across the US Submarine Force, and our successful initial efforts on our SBIR N05-053 TIPP tool development with the lessons learned from similar support to commercial technology firms. In using open and documented standards, ASSETT's proposed Obsolescence Management Decision Making and Planning (OMDP) tool will be applicable to both government and commercial customers, as well as, seamlessly integrating with an organization's current technical and management processes. The resultant product is projected to: (1) focus on proactive obsolescence management, (2) identify appropriate front-end design approaches to plan for and avoid obsolescence impacts, and (3) relate system capability sustainment as a function of technology refresh. Results from this tool will be easily configurable to support a wide variety of complimentary decision support systems.