Galvanic Corrosion Mechanisms Analysis and Modeling for F-35 Graphite/bmi Composite-metallic Airframe Joints

Period of Performance: 07/24/2006 - 07/24/2008


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Performance Polymer Solutions, Inc.
2711 Lance Drive
Moraine, OH 45409
Principal Investigator


The Phase II program will (1) dramatically improve determination of airframe composite-to-metal corrosion risks in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF/F-35) program; (2) identify ways to lower risk of any areas not already at low risk; and (3) provide guidance for design of future weapon systems where Graphite/Bismaleimide (Gr/BMI) composites are used with aluminum alloys in structural aerospace joints. It will provide a comprehensive understanding of the behavior of both constituent materials and of specific joint configuration protection systems. Our approach is based on the concept that understanding behavior of all the elements of the corrosion protection system from a fundamental perspective will increase confidence in the galvanic corrosion resistance of the composite/metallic joint. The ultimate product resulting from this Phase II program will be a Design Guide for composite/metallic joints. This guide will enable validation or improvement of existing joint concepts as well as be a design tool for joints in future systems.