Establishing Selection Measures of Vigilance Performance

Period of Performance: 09/08/2006 - 09/08/2008


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

JXT Applications, Inc.
Beavercreek, OH 45434
Principal Investigator


A review of past research suggests that attempts to develop personnel selection tests for vigilance performance have not fully succeeded, partly because they are typically based solely on personality (trait) variables. Current research indicates, however, that vigilance predictor variables can be derived not only from personality variables, but also from vigilance task performance, and individuals cognitive responses to the task. In Phase I, JXT conceptualized a multidimensional approach for a vigilance selection battery, named Vigilant Warrior. Included in it are assessments of (a) personality traits, (b) performance on a difficult, short-duration, vigilance task, and (c) individual responses to the task (which include assessments of workload, stress, and coping strategies). In addition to military applications, comments from an emergency first-response organization that is highly interested in selecting vigilant personnel for critical task assignments indicate that Vigilant Warrior will be a useful adjunct to existing personnel selection tests, and will have considerable commercial potential. In Phase II, JXT will explore this potential, write, test, and fine-tune the battery software, and execute a large-scale validation study employing 400 subjects. Finally, the battery s suitability and usefulness will be assessed by Army personnel selection specialists.