Integrated Wafer Phased-Array Antenna

Period of Performance: 06/13/2006 - 12/31/2009


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Tialinx, Inc.
1100 Quail Street, Suite 205
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Principal Investigator


The focus of this phase II project is to provide prototypes for implementation of more compact, reliable, efficient, and low cost integrated wafer phased-array antenna solutions while decreasing the hardware, logistics, and associated operating costs required by current systems. RF beamforming using phase array antenna system has been proposed to provide an agnostic solution to significantly enhance the signal-to-noise of the future ultra-wide band wireless communication and radar systems. The Phase I feasibility study has predicted a 1000X weight and volume reduction, and better than 10X power reduction for the beamforming module.