Network Health Monitoring and Diagnosis for Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) Training

Period of Performance: 04/24/2006 - 05/24/2008


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Virtual Technology Corp.
8996 Fern Park Drive
Burke, VA 22015
Principal Investigator


DMO-NSTRAT is an innovative solution for automated identification/remediation of distributed simulation-based training performance requirements that provides real time monitoring and control capabilities, maximum training effectiveness and measurable ROI based on leveraging technologies developed as part of our Virtual Control commercial product. In Phase I, VTC addressed DMO s requirements for minimizing training impact by leveraging our distributed training tools and experience, and focusing efforts based on DMO SME inputs to develop and refine a decision tree-based approach. The DMO-NSTRAT prototype validated the conceptual approach and provided the basis for Phase II milestones to: deliver a functional capability early; allow real world testing/validation; and provide functionality updates based on DMO integration. Key objectives for Phase II include: contextualize tool for the AF DMO environments; enhance the collection/manipulation capabilities; implement automated remediation mechanism designed in Phase I reduce system downtime and impact on training availability VTC s efforts in Phase II will be focused on establishing real-time simulation data/system performance monitoring, analysis, and display capabilities which will meet DMO needs by supporting system performance required to achieve accurate, realistic virtual training environments and effective transfer of training in large-scale, long haul integrated team, joint, and coalition exercises.