Information Management

Period of Performance: 06/19/2006 - 09/19/2008


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Anabas, Inc.
440 Davis Court, Suite 1316
San Francisco, CA 94111
Principal Investigator


We will focus on developing the Net-Centric Collaboration Grid Middleware that is needed to build domain specific warfighter command & control (C2), decision support solutions within a net-centric grid-enabled environment. Based on the successful feasibility study that uses Grid of Grids architecture pioneered and proven by Anabas in Phase I, Anabas proposes for Phase II effort a suite of Net-Centric Collaboration Grid Middleware and Collaboration Community Grid Builder Tool and User-Defined Operational Picture tools that uses Grid of Grids architecture as a base to prototype a complete and enhanced NCES Core Enterprise Services. The enhanced NCES Core Enterprise Services will provide DoD organizations and military services ubiquitous access to reliable decision-quality information through net-based services infrastructures and applications to bridge real-time and near real-time communities of interest. C2, business and other applications in the Department could rely on the enhanced NCES Core Enterprise Services for net-centric information processing and dissemination. This will enable DoD to meet the missions of modern time global military operations with distributed joint forces capable of rapid decision and information superiority.