NanoBioSentinel System

Period of Performance: 03/01/2006 - 08/31/2009


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

6693 Sierra Lane, Suite F
Dublin, CA 94568
Principal Investigator


The threat of bioterrorism has increased the need for advanced technologies to rapidly and accurately monitor air, water, food and other matrices to detect and identify pathogens at the species and strain level. This proposal describes a completely automated NanoBioSentinel System. The NanoBioSentinel will contain two modules: a bead-based Sample Capture and Purification Module (SCPM) front-end and a microchip-based NanoBioProcessor nModule. The SCPM will use immunocapture and multi-dimensional purifications to process milliliter volumes into nanoliters. Target organisms and agents are captured, concentrated, and purified on antibody-conjugated beads before lysis and nucleic acid binding and purification in the SCPM. Purified nanoscale samples are eluted into the NanoBioProcessor Module for nanofluidic sample processing with on-chip two-dimensional detection: (1) microscale-Real Time-PCR n or fluorescent immunoassays z and (2) by microchannel capillary array electrophoresis fragment sizing for confirmation of positives. We plan to test the NanoBioSentinel at the Test Range Assessment in Phase II. The advanced NanoBioSentinel n System will have increased sensitivity and selectivity, low operating costs, more robust and rapid responses, and be readily adaptable to new threats than existing products. In Phase III, the prototypes will be developed into products and launched with an expanded suite of detectable bioagents.