Innovative Modeling and Gaming Approaches for Submarine Battle Space Components to Identify Cost-Effective Capabilities and Technologies.

Period of Performance: 03/20/2006 - 12/31/2009


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

TKC International LLC
P.O. Box 2102
Middleburg, VA 20118
Principal Investigator


TKC International LLC will produce a comprehensive, fully integrated weapon-target centric (W-T-C) model for use by the Submarine Force. The W-T-C model will enable the Submarine Force to make key strategic investment and acquisition decisions in terms of total force structure, build rates, and key systems and technologies that will cover multiple warfare domains and future threats. TKC will build on its phase one prototype model. In phase two TKC will execute a detailed refinement of the basic model. Future target sets will be refined together with the various weapon systems, set against validated scenarios, set in the context of Submarine Force multi-mission operations across all the warfare domains. TKC will link its industrial base research and data and geospatial factors with its Submarine technologies and capabilities work. On the technical side TKC s expertise in C4ISRT will be harnessed to predicate the cost effective elements of various ISR systems and technologies within the total W-T-C model. In parallel to the primary work TKC will work to create first a tabletop and then a full gaming program to exercise with key DOD personnel the initial output from the W-T-C model. BENEFITS: TKC s innovative technical approach can lead to a major review and restructuring of how the DOD executes its major platform acquisition programs. The impact will be significant, and can lead to extensive work in all major acquisition, force structure and R & D domains. The approach is a Joint approach and further work will look at the total force structure, of which the Submarine Force is the key National and Joint Component. The TKC unique approach can be used throughout the U.S. defense commercial sectors to help evaluate programs, R & D investment, and individual technology initiatives. There are technological, investment, and personnel implications that are crucial for US defense companies to consider as they work with DOD to maintain US military superiority.