Knowledge Gathering Network for BFMIS Using Quantum Intelligence System

Period of Performance: 12/06/2004 - 12/06/2006


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Quantum Intelligence, Inc.
3375 Scott Blvd, Suite 100
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Principal Investigator


Interoperability is a cornerstone of all the Navy efforts to strengthen its independent operations and, subsequently, improve the warfighter's ability to find, retrieve, process and exchange information. The aim and purpose of Phase II is to extend, enhance and scale-up the Phase I results and prototypes of Intelligent Knowledge Gathering for BFIMS Using Quantum Intelligence System (QIS) into an integrated working system. QIS integrates a collection of advanced knowledge discovery and optimization technologies. QIS first employs the best practices in database and data warehousing area to gather and integrate diversified knowledge resources, and then employs innovative data/text mining techniques to discover the signatures of historical knowledge application scenarios and identify the process and critical factors of knowledge acquisition and dissemination of using interoperable components of Battle Force Interoperability Management System (BFIMS). If successful, the resultant technology will greatly enhance the capability and overall performance of systematic intelligent knowledge gathering and application through interoperable networks.