Multifunctional Structures for Aerospace Applications

Period of Performance: 08/20/2004 - 08/20/2006


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Williams-pyro, Inc.
20 Grenleaf St.
Fort Worth, TX -
Principal Investigator


Interceptor programs are in high gear and the need for advancing technologies to be applied to these programs are at an all-time high. Payload mass fractions are a driving force in the design process of these Kill Vehicles (KVs). Programs such as the Ground-Based Interceptor and Space-Based Interceptor are in need of ways to reduce the weight and volume of electronic system components, while at the same time increasing the system's reliability. The ideal advanced vehicle electronics system would be reliable, compact, lightweight, easy to repair and/or replace, conducive to the application, and easy to install and manufacture. In response, WPI is proposing the development of the Flexible Electronics and Structures Integration System (FESTIS) that will provide all of these characteristics. The design inputs will consider specific operating conditions and will allow for the development of transistor technology that can be fabricated in a flexible substrate to meet the environmental requirements. In parallel, work will be performed to integrate this flexible circuitry to composite structural pieces for relevant environment testing. This work will set the stage for Phase III, in which the objective is to construct and demonstrate a further-reaching system to expand to other military and commercial applications.