Machining of Ceramics Materials

Period of Performance: 09/24/2003 - 09/25/2005


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Third Wave Systems, Inc.
6475 City West Parkway
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Principal Investigator


MDA suppliers of brittle-material parts, want to improve manufacturing processes, but lack the required material modeling capability. Our Phase II proposal will provide the predictive capability MDA needs to dramatically improve manufacturing of brittle-material parts made from ceramics, semiconductors, advanced metallics, and related materials. Our innovative program provides these benefits: (a) Reduce rapid prototyping and fabrication times by at least 50%; (b) Achieve higher part quality, (10-50 nanometer surface roughness) (c) Predict beneficial ductile mode machining conditions; and (d) Reduce cost and cycle time of brittle-material part manufacturing. Ductile mode machining (DMM) is the key technology, supported by advanced process modeling technology. To demonstrate DMM benefits, we will team with university laboratories and MDA contractors, while preparing for transfer and commercialization activities in Phase III. We offer this disciplined three-phase development program: (a) Complete technology development and demonstrate effectiveness of machining prediction software for brittle-material machining; (b) Demonstrate a dramatically improved sub-process machining capability for brittle materials based on ductile mode machining, supported by advanced modeling technology; and (c) Demonstrate modeling technology to achieve cost, cycle time, and quality benefits in production-level brittle-material machining, based on Third Wave AdvantEdgeT machining modeling software.