Body Air Ventilation System

Period of Performance: 07/26/2006 - 11/26/2006


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Physical Optics Corp.
1845 West 205th Street Array
Torrance, CA 90501
Principal Investigator


To address the U.S. SOCOM need for an individual microcooling system that can be used with HMMWVs and FMTVs, operate while mounted in the vehicle, and function for limited periods while dismounted, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to develop a new modular Body Air Ventilation (BAV) system that does not contain any circulating heat transfer fluid. Each module is powered either separately or from a common rechargeable battery, which can be easily and quickly replaced. Batteries and BAV systems use the same 12 VDC power, which allows them to be used in any car or truck. While in the HMMWV or FMTV, removed batteries and individual systems are connected to the charger, which converts the 24 VDC electric power of the vehicle electric system to the 12 VDC supplied to the battery charger and microclimate systems installed both on soldiers and in the communication equipment rack. The BAV system weighs about 1.5 lb. and, because of modularity, is minimally vulnerable to damage and easily repairable; perforated air channels (actually miniducts) can be repaired with any adhesive tape. The BAV module contains no moving parts (excluding the microfans), and is thus less affected by combat conditions (mechanical shocks, impacts from projectiles).