Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors Emitters for Vacuum Electron Devices

Period of Performance: 09/04/1998 - 09/03/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Microwave Power Technology
1280 Theresa Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008
Principal Investigator


Microwave Power Technology (MPT) proposes to develop and market X-ray tubes for analytical instruments which incorporate Wide Band-Gap (WBG) semiconductor cold emitters. During a Phase ISBIR project, MPT developed process methods and demonstrated that the performance of WBG coldemitters is adequate to support development ofhigh-voltage, low current devices. MPT hasassembled a team comprised of Sarnoff Corporation,Wayne State University and Oxford X-ray Technologywhich has the scientific, engineering,manufacturing and marketing components required tomove WBG emitter technology from the laboratory tothe market place. Specific applications wereexplored and and X-ray tube for use in X-rayFluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy instruments wasselected to be the first ever device toincorporate this new cold emitter technoloby.Variations on XRF tube that are suitable forgeneral puprpose industrial applications, such as thickness gauging, are to follow along with a microwave amplifiers for military applications. Adetailed work plan has been developed that detailsthe steps for achieving the Phase II objectivesof: (1) continuing emitter development, (2)develop the X-ray tubes, (3) adapt the technologyto a Wide-band microwave amplifier, and (4)identify unique X-ray tube and other vacuumelectron devices that can only be realized with WBG cold emitters. The Phase I work that providesthe basis for this proposal is described alongwith outstanding results obtained with emittersprovided by a group a Moscow State University.