Electromagnetic Diaphragm Compressor

Period of Performance: 10/13/1995 - 10/13/1997


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Precision Magnetic Bearing Systems,
25 Walker Way Sec. 2A
Albany, NY 12205
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Phase I established the feasibility of a Electromagnetic Diaphragm Compressor which does not use pistons or clearance seals. We built this model and successfully confirmed the soundness of the operating principle. Performance tests were conducted; the performance data strongly suggested that it is possible to scale it up to drive cryocoolers without using wear-prone pistons. The objective of Phase II is to develop a well engineered prototype Electromagnetic Diaphragm Compressor for a cryocooler. The first prototype will be designed to meet specific performance requirements. We will build a second prototype that minimizes the power consumption while reducing the cost. Development of these two prototypes will ensure that the novel compressor technology is mature enough to offer a low cost, efficient compressor that can gain acceptance in the market place. This new compressor can be used in cryocoolers, refrigerators, industrial pumps, MRI systems, and tactical weapons. We have identified a $150 million market segment for this oil-less motorless pump and have teamed up with a reputed firm to transition this technology into the market place.