Secure Dynamic Configuration of Real Time Networks

Period of Performance: 10/18/2006 - 07/18/2007


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Innovative Solutions International
1608 Spring Hill RoadSuite 200
Vienna, VA 22182
Principal Investigator


The C2 software applications that aid in managing and storing information have increased our military s effectiveness. The speed and power displayed in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) are dramatic evidence. However, as the volume of information has increased, so has the number of delivery systems all having different parameters, and limitations in ability to rapidly move data from one location to another. The bulk of these systems are TCP/IP-based and as such, present the opportunity to provide a solution. By optimizing data exchange protocols, and by creating an innovative, dynamically reconfigurable grouping for each user, our two-tiered concept of the Dynamic Virtual Private Network and Joined Dynamic Virtual Private Networks addresses both the interoperability problem AND the rapid reconfiguration problem. ISI s design concept for dynamically configuring and controlling communications and location networks would support the operations of such systems as Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2), the Movement Tracking System (MTS), and the Global Personnel Recovery System (GPRS). We characterize the issues involved in the concept, define a design, and demonstrate feasibility by creating and disbanding DVPNs with a simple prototype. As an Option, we create a detailed design for Phase II.