Cargo Transfer from Offshore Supply Vessels to Large Deck Vessels

Period of Performance: 05/08/2006 - 11/04/2006


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Craft Engineering Associates, Inc.
2102 48th Street
Hampton, VA 23661
Principal Investigator


A movable articulated crane (MAC) system is proposed that can be used to retrieve palletized cargo from the deck of a dynamically positioned offshore supply vessel and deposit it on an elevator or side platform of any large deck ship. The MAC system will have the following features - 1) omni-directional mobile chassis, 2) the ability tolock itself to the deck, 3) an articulating knuckle boom crane, 4) load motion and tracking sensors, and 5) intergated control system.BENEFITS: Facilitates the use of readily available offshore supply vessels for on-demand, resupply of combatant vessels.