YAG/Sapphire Composite Crystals as Lasing Components for High Average Power La

Period of Performance: 03/09/1998 - 03/08/2000


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Onyx Optics, Inc.
6551 Sierra Lane
Dublin, CA 94568
Principal Investigator


Onyx Optics has demonstrated in Phase I the feasibility of fabricating bonded sapphire/ YAG/sapphire crystal composites in waveguide structures. The composites show low residualstress birefringence. Since sapphire has highermechanical strength, higher thermal conductivity and a smaller coefficinet of thermal expansionthan YAG, the composites are expected to havehigher thermal shock resistance than noncompositedYAG.We propose to develop in Phase 2 composites ofactive medium YAG crystals with sapphire for veryhigh average power slab lasers and waveguidelasers. Onyx Optics will establish a process forfabrication of componenets of both of thesesystems. Since characterization of the two typesof composites have many features in common, mostprocess development of Yb:YAG slab lasers alsowill be pertinent to waveguide structures ofoverall dimensions below 10 mm length. A customerwill evaluate lasing behavior of high power slablaser at his facility. We will collaborate with auniversity facility on the fabrication andevaluation of Nd: YAG waveguide lasers and theirfrequency conversion with PPLN waveguides, and plan to transfer this work at the prototype stageto Onyx Optics for commercialization