Automated Metadata Generation, Indexing and Cataloguing

Period of Performance: 04/12/2006 - 03/12/2007


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

THE Design Knowledge CO.
3100 Presidential Dr Array
Fairborn, OH 45324
Principal Investigator


Our combined expertise will support MARC s central concept of providing a community-of-interest-based means to automatically extract metadata from documents produced by legacy systems. This capability will allow different military knowledge workers to leverage the information objects in each other s command and control systems without the need for significant system reengineering or manual markup of legacy information products. Providing automated metadata extraction furthers net-centric operations by exposing systems information content to other legitimate users. As operations move to Task/Post/Process/Use (TPUU), these legitimate users need to be able to access needed information as situations and their work streams change. The MARC team has the expertise and resources to realize the program s concepts. We offer system design and development capabilities that maximize the usefulness of systems to their human users. Additionally, we have extensive experience with metadata engineering, modeling and simulation, and intelligence and imagery analysis.