Modular Parachute Concepts

Period of Performance: 11/26/2004 - 11/26/2006


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

FOX Parachute Services
Rt. 1, Box 32A
Belleville, WV 26133
Principal Investigator


Modular concepts will be applied to round parachutes and parafoil parachutes for the purpose of improving utility and reducing cost. Round parachute designs will be formed from the alteration of uniform fabric panels and limited sewing operations. Fabric panels of round parachutes will be connected with structurally suitable cordage ties to facilitate rapid fabrication and maintenance repairs. Parachute geometry, aerodynamic performance, and reefing capability for designs employing the modular concepts will be demonstrated. A parafoil parachute design will be formed by lacing the canopy sections or cells together for allowing dissection and piece part recovery. The lacing technique used to connect the parafoil cells will employ a process similar to that used for the mid-span reefing opening load management method. The canopy geometry and aerodynamic performance that results from application of the modular concept will be similar to traditional parafoils.