12(C)-Diamond as Heat Sink

Period of Performance: 10/17/1995 - 10/17/1997


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Nanodynamics, Inc.
901 Fuhrmann Blvd.
Buffalo, NY 14203
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Research Topics


The isotopic enrichment of 12C, or the removal of 13C, is currently an expensive proposition. The price of 12CH4 is more than $100 per gram with 13C reduced to 0.1% from the 1.1% natural abundance. A commercial market for the use of 12C-diamond has never been established largely because of the price of the pure isotope. Phase II proposes to use an entirely new process that is particularly effective for the removal of 13C from 13C/12C isotopic mixtures. The method was invented by Dr. C.G. Wang many years ago while he was on the faculty of MIT. This new technology is capable of reducing the cost of 12CH4 by at least a factor or 10. At under $10 per gram, it is possible to propose a multitude of industrial scale uses for pure 12C isotope. The proposed method of isotope enrichment is called the "solar wind separation"(4) as a result of Dr.Wang's observations made while analyzing satellite data on solar wind measurements. The solar wind method uses a "time-of-flight" approach to separating isotopes and this concept has been verified in the laboratory by enriching the nitrogen component of air. In this case, a ten fold enrichment was achieved in a single cycle. No attempt has been made to date to apply this method commercially. Now that Phase I has been successfully concluded we believe that we can design and fabricate a prototype processing chamber for commercial enrichment and use it to produce the gaseous isotope 12CH4 at a greatly reduced price. The pure 12C diamond film, with an anticipated thermal conductivity above 30 watt/cm-oC, can be used effectively for a variety of thermal management tasks. It can be used to cool the leading edges of supersonic aircraft, missile cones, and of most immediate commercial interest, can be used for thermal management with high performance computer chips and multichip modules.