Safe, Energetic Projectile Launchers Utilizing Metafex Explosive Replacements

Period of Performance: 04/06/2004 - 05/31/2010


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Shock Transients, Inc.
PO Box 5357
Hopkins, MN 55343
Principal Investigator


# Metafex (for metal-fueled explosive replacement) combines the technologies of explosive reaction thermochemistry and pulsed electrical power. The technology will make systems formerly requiring hazardous explosives not only safer and more energetic but also lower in cost. Analysis shows that Metafex energy densities are more than twice as great as those of conventional explosives. # Because Metafex energy density is greater, weapon components can be made smaller and/or more effective, yet safer, if they use Metafex in place of explosives. There are many military applications, including the projectile launchers on which the proposal focuses. # By replacing the sensitive explosives in projectile launchers with Metafex, systems will be safer. Because the Metafex explosive replacement will be safer, it will be less costly to manufacture, to ship, and to use. # In contrast to conventional ones, the proposed projectile launchers require no explosives. They are environmentally benign, can be safely shipped anywhere, and need no special handling. The projectile launchers will be inert until activated by energetic electrical pulses. # In Phase II of the proposed project, Metafex projectile launchers will be built and tested, and system studies will be performed.