Hybrid Electric Vehicle Storage Battery Based on Nanophase V2O5 Xerogel

Period of Performance: 02/15/2003 - 02/15/2005


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Aveka, Inc.
2045 Wooddale Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125
Principal Investigator


Hybrid electric vehicles, in contrast to electric vehicles, require a storage battery that is capable of fast charge/discharge rates in addition to a high storage capacity. AVEKA, Inc. has formulated an amorphous form of vanadium pentoxide that surpasses the performance of its crystalline form at the high charge/discharge rates. The capacity and rate capability of this material also have not yet been fully determined. AVEKA plans to refine the manufacture and performance of this material in phase II of this program and incorporate it into rudimentary cells for evaluation and performance testing initially, and finally utilize these materials in battery packs for full scale testing and production.The military and civilian sectors of the government have needs for a small high rate, high capacity battery in several applications. This battery and the chemistry that it is based have the potential to control several markets for these battery products with very little competitive.