Cognitive Status Report Generator

Period of Performance: 11/12/2003 - 11/11/2005


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Activity Research Services
2608 Santa Maria Court
Chula Vista, CA 91914
Principal Investigator


In Phase I we determined that available ANAM data, while extensive, was inadequate for normative purposes because of wide variations in testing conditions, test battery configuration, and subject demographics. In Phase II, we will complete our survey of existing data to define a general purpose ANAM test battery (ANAMgp). We will then collect normative data on the ANAMgp battery from 60 demographic groups (2 genders X 5 education levels X 6 age ranges) of at least 30 subjects each. Normative data for each group will be incorporated into a Cognitive Status Report (CSR) program that can be appended to a standard ANAM battery configuration file to provide point-of-use, norm-based cognitive status information at multiple levels of complexity ranging from a single score impairment index, T-score comparisons to norms, to detailed session-by-session graphs and tables. The CSR program will also serve as a stand-alone tool for data exploration.Development of demographically appropriate reference data for rapid determination of cognitive status will have broad application in military and civilian medical and operational settings. ANAM-based assessment of cognitive status will be objective, rapid, and cost-effective. Recovery from injury or illness and fitness for duty assessment will be similarly enhanced, resulting in greater efficiency and precision of therapeutic and operational decision making.