Rapid Prototyping of Blind Demodulation Algorithms

Period of Performance: 01/18/2002 - 01/18/2004


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Mathsoft, Inc.
1700 Westlake Avenue N., Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98109
Principal Investigator


Reconfigurable software is a key component of software radio receivers used for tactical situational awareness in highly mobile environments. Traditional commercial receiver techniques require that virtually all communications systems operating parameters, such as signaling constellations, carrier frequencies, channel characteristics, and pulse shapes be known. However, in military surveillance applications, these operating parameters are not available, and so must be estimated blindly. We propose to research and develop algorithms for blind detection, identification, and demodulation of communication signals. In particular, we will examine detection of low probability of intercept spread spectrum signals; modulation format recognition; blind demodulation of the identified signal; and wideband signal processing issues. The algorithms we will provide to Army CECOM will be developed and implemented in C and Matlab. We will demonstrate their use through omputer simulations of blind demodulation scenarios or on ponsor-directed applications. We will provide research reports describing the background and uses of the algorithms as well as the imulation results. For the Army, this technology will provide urveillance capabilities for existing and planned software-defined radios such as the Joint Tactical Radio System and the communications infrastructure for the Future Combat Systems program.