Simulated Panoramic Night Vision Goggle Helmet-Mounted Display for Simulated NVG Imagery

Period of Performance: 09/09/2002 - 09/09/2004


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Btmd, Inc.
11401 Mountain View Rd., Suite 201
Damascus, MD 20872
Principal Investigator


BTMD, Inc. and Insight Technology, Inc propose to design and deliver a commercial/production quality helmet-mounted display system to support ground-based training for the Integrated Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (I-PNVG). The Simulated Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (S-PNVG) will integrate with the Night Vision Training System currently in development by AFRL. The principle problem to be addressed is how to configure a head-mounted display that provides the increased field of view and approximate image characteristics of I-PNVG while at the same time approximating the weight, center of gravity, and form, fit, and function characteristics of I-PNVG. Results of the phase I program will be analyzed and leveraged to develop a system design that is producible and of commercial quality. Existing and emerging miniature display technologies will be evaluated to determine which technology offers the best balance between image quality characteristics and impact to system weight and center of gravity. Particular attention will be paid to the commercial viability of the display technologies. The development path will result in fabrication, analysis, and evaluation of advanced operational prototypes, followed by a detailed design phase resulting in delivery of at least two commercial-quality systems.