Knowledge Based Data Monitoring for a Joint/Coalition Environment

Period of Performance: 02/25/2002 - 02/25/2004


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Cycorp, Inc.
7718 Wood Hollow Drive Suite 250
Austin, TX 78731
Principal Investigator


We propose to develop a knowledge based application for information fusion and data monitoring. The Cyc Monitor will provide the end user with the capability to seamlessly integrate multiple, semantically hetergenous data bases and knowledge sources within the Cyc knowledge base, define high-level patterns, or concepts of interest, which may appear directly or inferrentially among the disparate knowledge sources, to monitor the knowledge sources for data which meet these criteria, and to alert the end user when such patterns appear. The knowledge sources may be static or dynamically updated; furthermore, they may be dispersed among a coalition of cooperating agents. The alert will provide deductive justification of the conditions and data which triggered the alert, as well as permit the end user to adjust the monitor behavior to adapt to a dynamic operational environment. Furthermore, the Cyc-based reasoning techniques will enable the user to "drill down" on the significance of individual data items in the deduction triggering the alert.