Improved Time and Frequency Standards for Gun-Launched Projectiles

Period of Performance: 01/16/2001 - 01/16/2003


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Piezo Technology, Inc.
2525 Shader Road,P.O.Box 32854-7859
Orlando, FL 32804
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


The success of numerous weapons systems, now under active development, depends upon electronics capable of withstanding very high acceleration and mechanical shock. Most will use crystal oscillators. Applications include guided munitions, smart fuzes, and penetrating weapons. For this program we are interested in the applications which incorporate on-board GPS receivers as part of the guidance system. The receiver requires a frequency source whose accuracy determines the time to acquire the first satellite. To meet the allowable thermally induced frequency shift this will be a TCXO - - a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. Although the circuitry of a crystal oscillator is relatively shock inert, the conventional crystal resonators used are inherently susceptible to shock. To manufacture crystal oscillators shock-hardened up to 50,000 G there is a corresponding need for hardened resonators. PTI has been intimately involved over the past decade in the development of resonator shock-hardening technology. Each technique developed to date has certain limitations, different for each. By combining techniques and adding new novel techniques we felt that inherent failure mechanisms could be eliminated. This first phase of this program demonstrated that we can produce a much more rugged but still economical resonator to use in a high shock TCXO.