Lifetime Filtration for Military Vehicles

Period of Performance: 04/18/2002 - 04/18/2004


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Analytical Engineering, Inc.
2555 Technology Blvd., P.O. Box 2603
Columbus, IN 47202
Principal Investigator


Improving filtration technology for military vehicle engine lubrication systems remains a significant challenge. Equipment failures due to improper or excessive periodic maintenance contribute substantially to the overall cost of maintaining military fleets and create combat ineffectiveness during mission critical operations. Current systems have short filter life span and do not provide satisfactory particle removal. Disposal of the filter element and used oil presents an expensive and hazardous problem for maintenance personnel. Analytical Engineering, Inc. (AEI) proposes to take the results of an extremely successful Phase I project into commercialization at the close of a Phase II program. AEI is partnered with a Baldwin Filters, a manufacturer and worldwide distributor, to commercialize several revolutionary filtration systems. Removal efficiencies and capacities in these new systems greatly surpass the technologies of conventional barrier filtration. A continuation in the development of this revolutionary technology is proposed for lifetime lubricant filtration on the HMMWV vehicle. The filter system employs the use of a high capacity, high efficiency full flow section with integral additive replenishment and an ultracentrifuge bypass section. The new spin-on replacement system transparently provides at least 200,000 mile life resulting in greatly reduced maintenance and significantly improved engine durability of military vehicles.